The Journal

Achieve More in 90 Days: The Strategy
Mar 27, 2024
Ever feel like you're running in circles without a map? Been there, done that. But guess what? There's a game-changing strategy that'll flip the script on your goals: quarterly planning and life reviews. Picture this: chunking your year into bite-sized bits, giving you the perfect excuse to hit pause, reflect, and tweak your game plan. No more lofty New Year's resolutions that crash and burn by February. With quarterly planning, it's all about checking in, celebrating wins, and adjusting sails as needed.
How wish listing changed the way I spend
Sep 13, 2023
In a world where consumption is at an all time high, driven by the constant allure of new products, trends that we can’t possibly keep up with, finding a way to make considered purchases is more challenging than ever. Falling into the trap of overconsumption to chase the fleeting satisfaction of shopping is effortless. Learn how you can slow down the purchasing cycle with these 4 tips.
The secrets to curating the ultimate planning system for 2024 that will save you a lot of money.
Aug 16, 2023
Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the 2024 stationery releases? We have three tips, and a different planning perspective and approach to share with you that might just save you a lot of money. Work through the steps and follow our provided example to save money on your 2024 planner and finally have planner peace.